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Green energy is on everybody’s lips these days, as efforts to reduce carbon emissions continue. The June OFTEC 2019 conference is set to pinpoint the need for low carbon liquid fuel as an environmentally friendly alternative for oil heated homes.

Many agree that a low to zero carbon emissions way of heating the home in rural locations will secure a sustainable future for those off grid. OFTEC has undertaken research to investigate how best this can be achieved, and the results are due to be unveiled at their event on 18th June, at the Hilton Puckrup, Tewksbury. Industry leaders are set to unite at this annual conference, where discussions will include progress already made and future plans for the off grid sector.

Joined by Jason Woods, founding partner of energy consultation group ‘In Perpetuum Partners’, OFTEC CEO Paul Rose will put members and guests in the picture. He will highlight the importance of decarbonisation of rural homes, and what action needs to be taken. In Perpetuum Partners carried out the six month research for OFTEC, and will share their findings based on detailed analysis. Investigations involved comparisons between traditional oil heating and low carbon solutions.

Mark Crowther, technical director of the Kiwa UK Group, has provided guidance to the committee on the influence of climate change on the environment. He will explain about the possible role that hydrogen could play with regards decarbonising the heat and transport sectors.

Paul Rose stated that “This year’s conference comes at an important time as the issue of climate change continues to dominate the political and public agenda and the urgent need to find sustainable and realistic solutions grows stronger”, he went on to say, “As government ramps up its decarbonisation agenda, we will continue to engage directly with the Department of Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy to push biofuels as the most cost-effective and practical solution to decarbonise oil heated homes. It’s therefore now more important than ever for the liquid fuel heating sector to rally together around a common set of goals and demonstrate an ability and willingness to evolve.”


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