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BiogasIn a speech made at an event entitled, “AD: Potential, ambition, delivery”, Gordon Lyons MLA, Economy Minister, Department for the Economy, talked about the path to net zero energy. In his speech he highlighted the role that biomethane is poised to play in maximising Northern Ireland’s net zero targets. He said: “I am committed to ensuring that in the delivery of self-sufficiency in affordable renewable energy, we will transform our economy, and the whole of our society will benefit from it”. “Biomethane will play a key role in this transition. “The pro-active role being taken by local industry encourages me that Northern Ireland will not be just a passenger in our journey towards achievement of Net Zero 2050 targets, but is very much in the driving seat of change.”

More than 160 anaerobic digestion (AD) industry leaders and stakeholders attended to discuss how AD and biogas will help with Northern Ireland’s decarbonisation strategy. Gordon Lyons was joined by representatives from DAERA, the Ulster Farmers’ Union, KPMG, the Agri-Food and Biosciences Institute, WRAP and BioCapital. There were also contributions from CAT Finning, Queen’s University Belfast, Phoenix Natural Gas, SGN Commercial Services and Firmus Energy.

Chris Huhne, former Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change and now ADBA Chairman, chaired the meeting. Key outcomes of the event concluded that:

  • Biomethane is essential to NI’s decarbonisation pathway
  • Due to its grass-based agricultural system, NI could be a major player in biomethane production
  • Biomethane reduces carbon emissions from the most difficult to decarbonise processes at the cheapest cost
  • There is a wall of capital to fund the roll-out of the industry, however the sector needs active government policy support

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