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Why Choose Home Heating Oil?

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Heating oilHome heating oil is widely chosen for it’s various qualities which include excellent performance during the cold winter months. It also offers an affordable and safe heating solution, but it’s important to time your purchase well. The price of oil is much cheaper in the summer months, so it pays to stock up. Many people order a bulk delivery and share it with close neighbours, which cuts any delivery charge in half. Many feel that home heating oil offers a cleaner, safer and more efficient burn when compared to diesel domestic oil.

  • It’s cleaner than many other heating systems, when heating it produces less than 0.003 of all the particulate emissions in the United Kingdom.
  • Heating oil is also non toxic, having no proven cancer-causing compounds.
  • It’s also biodegradable and only produces a small number of particulate emissions, so more environmentally friendly.
  • Heating oil is not explosive, and will only ignite when an advanced boiler or burner system is used.
  • This means less accidents, as people being careless with their heating systems is a notable problem.
  • The flames generated from heating oil are 300 degrees hotter than other forms of heating. This enables faster heating and hot water for your home.
  • It costs less than natural gas and electricity, in fact studies show it is 16% more efficient than natural gases, saving you money.
  • The efficiency of home heating oil in modern systems is at least 85%.

If you use home heating oil, it’s important to regularly check and maintain your tank for any emerging problems. Theft can also be a issue, so security measures such as locks and CCTV are a very wise choice. You can order your home heating oil conveniently online from specialists like Strangford Fuels, or call us on 028 4461 6111.


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