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Red Diesel Rules Reminder

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Red diesel banMost people know by now, that rebated red diesel was banned for use in most vehicles from April 2022. The restrictions are meant to encourage businesses to use low emission fuels. Many industries are now unable to use red diesel since the rules came into force, but it still may still be used for some things including:

  • Commercial boating for fishing, passenger ferries and inland water freight industries
  • Non-commercial power generation for places like hospitals and off-the-grid households
  • Rail vehicles
  • Agriculture, fish farming, horticulture and forestry
  • Non-commercial heating, such as for places of worship, town halls and off-the-grid homes
  • Amateur sports clubs and golf courses
  • Travelling funfairs and circuses

Those industries not listed above may now only use fuel taxed at the standard rate for white diesel. The industries and applications that must not use rebated fuels include:

  • Commercial generators
  • Commercial heating
  • Construction
  • Haulage
  • Logistics
  • Leisure
  • Mining and quarrying
  • Manufacturing
  • Ports
  • Plant hire
  • Waste management
  • Road maintenance

People having to change from red to white diesel are advised to save their receipts and invoices. This will show that they have been buying full-duty fuels, and not stockpiling. They do not need to clean and flush their tanks before replacing with white diesel either. Red diesel may still be used for non-commercial electricity generation. You can read the latest comprehensive guidelines here.

We offer home heating oil, red diesel and coal delivery available to order online, and our state of the art depot in Downpatrick allows us to take bulk deliveries from the main terminal in Belfast Harbour. This offers savings, that we can pass on to our customers. Call Strangford Fuels for a quote on 028 4461 6111, or check out our website at


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