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Home Oil Delivery - Heating Oil, Down Patrick, Belfast, County Down

Oil Delivery - Downpatrick

For a comprehensive and reliable home heating oil delivery service in the Downpatrick, Newcastle, Co Down and Belfast area Strangford Fuels Ltd stands out from the rest. Major operators in the distribution of heating oil, red diesel, coal and smokeless fuel Strangford Fuels Ltd have in recent years built on their reputation for customer satisfaction, bringing quality service at low prices. As part of this ethos they are always swift to respond in the event of an emergency such as an oil run out. Customers are encouraged to call without delay if their supplies are running low.

Heating Oil Home Deliveries Advanced Oil Transfer System

Strangford Fuels are a progressive company supplying homes and businesses quality heating oil. The company operates a fleet of well maintained oil delivery vehicles, including a mini tanker for heating oil deliveries where access is restricted. An advanced oil transfer system enables faster fuel delivery enabling Strangford Fuels to give you an enhanced service while costing you less. A range of coal and smokeless fuel is also offered for delivery along with emergency 20litre run out oil drums.

Downpatrick - Struell Wells and Steam Trains

Downpatrick is one of Ireland's oldest and most historic towns with a strong connection to St Patrick and many interesting places such as Struell Wells. The Wells are situated roughly two miles from Downpatrick and consist of four stone structures two of which have roofs. This type of roofed Well was quite rare in this part of Ireland. The Struell Wells are thought to have healing powers particularly with ailments concerning the eye. The Wells are thought to have gained their powers in pre-historic times although many maintain the Wells were blessed by St Patrick. A tradition of pilgrimage and bathing at Struell Wells in the hope of a cure still exists.

The Downpatrick and Co Down Railway is a not-for-profit society and also a registered charity and museum entirely staffed by volunteers. The restored rail network has been featured on the BBC2 documentary series Great British Railway Journeys. A television crew also visited the track while searching for paranormal activity and reported that evidence was recorded. Fun trips on the restored steam engines run on the main route between Newcastle and Belfast.

Newcastle Co Down - Mourne Mountains Myths & Legends

The local Mourne Mountains provide the background for many myths and legends about the towns poorly recorded history. One story tells of 'The Blue Lady' who's ghost roams the mountains since being abandoned by her husband. People have also recently claimed to have spotted a wildcat living in the mountains. Maggie's Leap is said to have been named after a girl of the same name who leapt over the chasm to her death while being pursued by soldiers. A popular spot in the mountains is named 'The Brandy Pad', due to the illegal brandy smuggling that took place around there. The Bogey Hill at the South end of Newcastle near the harbour was so called as a result of the carts used to carry Mourne granite from the quarry.

Belfast - Architecture, Celebrities & Whisky

The architecture of Belfast is varied due to the many influences that have played a part in shaping the city. Victorian designs incorporating large sculptures mingle with Edwardian buildings featuring a more streamlined style. Art Deco-inspired buildings in Belfast include several cinemas and the Bank of Ireland building. Famous names who hail from Belfast include footballer George Best, actors Liam Neeson and Kenneth Branagh , author CS Lewis, singer Ruby Murray and composer Ian Wilson.

Belfast's Silenced Bell

In 1886, the bell of St. Malachy's Church on Alfred Street, Belfast was removed. Why? The adjacent distillery in Dunville made a complaint that the tolling of the bells interfered with the maturing of the whisky!

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