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Top Tips if You are a New Heating Oil User

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When to Buy
The most important tip for first time users of home heating oil, is it's generally cheaper to buy oil in the summer, when there is less demand. It's kind of obvious that the price is bound to go up during the colder months, so this is a wise way to save a few pounds. It's also often cheaper to buy in bulk, so sharing an order with a friend or neighbour is also a good way to save £'s.

Boiler Efficiency
Another thing to consider is the efficiency of your boiler, and whether it is regularly serviced. If your boiler is not performing to its full capacity, it could result in higher fuel consumption. Check that your thermostat is functioning well, and showing around 60 – 65 degrees. Maybe it is time for a change? You might want to invest in a new oil-fired boiler. Modern boilers are a lot more energy-efficient than older versions, with a lower risk of failure. Frequent repairs are costly!

Home Insulation to Improve Energy Efficiency

Proper Insulation
As with all forms of home heating, you should have adequate insulation, including double glazing, for best results. Heat escaping through gaps around windows and doors or through poorly insulated or draughty areas is not good. If your home is energy efficient, you will use much less heating oil. Older homes are likely to be less energy efficient in design, so check everywhere to determine if places may need insulating. Even a loose letter box will let cold air into the home. Loft and cavity wall insulation can go a long way towards lowering bills. Good quality wall insulation alone can retain up to 35% heat.

You will typically find draughts:-

  • In windows and external doors
  • Lofts and loft hatches
  • Suspended floorboards
  • Pipework which leads outside
  • Ceiling-to-wall joints.
  • Letterboxes
  • Open fireplaces

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Reputable Suppliers

Make sure you choose a reputable supplier such as Strangford Fuels, for your home heating oil and other fuels. We are a family business dating back to 1981, and as our business has grown we have moved with the times. We have a vast and valued customer base and are dedicated to offering exceptional customer service.

Consider a fuel additive

Fuel additives such as Exocet, will improve the quality and performance of your home heating oil. It will:-

  • Increase fuel stability
  • Lower carbon emissions
  • Reduce the risk of sludge formation and deposit build up
  • Protect against fuel degradation
  • Avoid corrosion of metal pipes and other components

Keep Warm & Save on Fuel Bills Newtownards & Ballynahinch

Additional tips for keeping the home insulated and warm include :-

  • Wearing extra layers, and putting an additional blanket on the bed rather than turning the heating up.
  • Closing all windows and doors.
  • Making sure internal doors in unoccupied rooms are closed.
  • Regularly bleeding your radiators.
  • Having your oil boiler serviced once a year by a qualified engineer to ensure maximum efficiency.

To protect your oil from thieves, you should use closed shackle padlocks on your tank, as these are not easy to open without the key. Oil tank level alarms will alert you should the level drop, and security lighting is also a good idea. In addition, you can conceal your tank somewhat with tall plants, and surround it with obstacles that will make a noise such as gravel.

Home Heating Oil, Fast Delivery, Online Ordering in Newtownards, Home Insulation to Improve Energy Efficiency. Heating Oil, Red Diesel & Coal Delivery in Ballynahinch, Keep Warm, Snug & Save on Fuel Bills Newtownards & Ballynahinch

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