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There’s no denying the beauty of the outdoors, and the amazing way that nature changes the landscape throughout the seasons. Many of us love to get outside and take in the surroundings whatever the weather with a walk in the countryside. However, it’s also nice to return indoors in the cold weather where you can warm up frosty fingers and toes and blue noses return to pink. A cosy home is no longer a luxury if you use home heating oil from Strangford Fuels. The price of heating oil in general has plummeted in the last few years, prompting customers to top up their tanks as frequently as they wish.

Unfortunately the same cannot be said for other sources of fuel such as gas and electricity, which have continued to rise unchecked for quite a while. In parts of Northern Ireland including Drumaness, Newtownards and Killinchy, home heating oil is the fuel of choice. Being able to keep your home warm has many benefits such as decreasing problems like damp and mould growth. It can also keep health issues in check, particularly in the winter months where there is risk of colds and flu.

Not only do Strangford Fuels offer high quality home heating oil at extremely affordable prices, but customers can also choose Exocet Home Heating Oil Fuel Additive. This does a great job of stabilising the fuel, and making it go further so it lasts even longer! This innovative fuel additive formula has other talents too in addition to enhancing performance. It will protect against problems like fuel degradation and corrosion of pipes and metal components. Sludge and other deposit build up is slowed down significantly, and carbon emissions are also decreased. This all adds up to a smooth running and trouble free boiler system, making it well worth your while adding it to your order. Even better, you can order home heating oil with or without fuel additive, and red diesel online from Strangford Fuels for fast delivery.

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