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Homes across Ireland [43% to be exact] rely on Home Heating Oil for their heating and hot water. Most people probably won’t think beyond the practical uses and price of this commodity, but when you look into it, it’s pretty interesting stuff!

  • Oil is formed in one place, but may be found millions of years later in an entirely different location, due to the natural movement of tectonic rocks or massive, shelves of rock.
  • Oil in it’s crude form looks like wet soil and has developed from decaying plants and animals under layers of sand and mud. Although usually black it can also appear as red, brown or green.
  • Rock traps the oil inside, and has to be broken before it can be collected and used.
  • The process of extracting oil goes back to Roman times, but was fine tuned in the 20th century, before which time finding oil was very hit and miss with lots of guess work involved!
  • It is a frequent occurrence to find gas along with oil, as they are produced in the same way. Natural gas is blended with oil to make petroleum.
  • Components of crude oil are utilised for a vast array of purposes from clothing to pharmaceuticals, as well as for heating our homes.
  • Over 90% of the world’s oil is produced in the Middle East, despite more than 100 countries also being able to produce it.
  • When drilling for oil, the deeper the drill goes, the older the oil. Once the oil is extracted heat is used to separate the various fossil fuel components such as petroleum, kerosene and diesel.
  • Newer heating systems mean that emissions from oil used to heat homes are significantly diminished, and as oil produces a hotter flame it is an extremely energy efficient fuel.
  • One of the great things about Home Heating Oil is that it is very safe indeed, as it cannot be lit unless vaporised, so there is no risk of explosion or fire with your stored oil.

We hope you have enjoyed reading about home heating oil, now if you’d like to order some, give Strangford Fuels Ltd a call on 028 4461 6111.

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