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coalAt Strangford Fuels Ltd, we pride ourselves on offering our customers a range of home heating options including home heating oil, red diesel and solid fuel. Such is the popularity of our high quality products and renowned customer service, that we recently had to expand and relocate to larger premises in Downpatrick, County Down. We have also had our website redesigned to reflect our efficient and professional service, and to ensure an enhanced, customer friendly experience.

We are suppliers of coal and smokeless fuel in a choice of grades, which can be used for open fires or multi fuel stoves. Among our regular customers are filling stations, shops and convenience stores who take advantage of our 25kg bags. Coal, slack and Burnglow are firm favourites with many of our retail customers in places like Downpatrick, Strangford, Crossgar, Ardglass and Newcastle, with a minimum purchase of 20 bags.

Home deliveries can include upwards of 5 bags of coal or smokeless fuel such as Phurnacite, Burnglow, Anthracite, Blend and Homefire. We offer a selection of coal grades with premium quality 5 Star Coal, which is slower burning, high heat and has a low ash content. Economy Coal, provides an excellent low cost alternative and satisfies most requirements.

Our multi-fuel stoves run perfectly on coal, smokeless fuel, wood, peat, briquettes, turf and anthracite to name a few, and the beauty of these stoves is their versatility. They save energy as well as money, and are a real bonus when you consider that with a normal fire 70% of the heat produced is lost up the chimney. A multi-fuel stove lowers this figure by 20%, which also means a reduction in harmful emissions and a more environmentally friendly heating solution. This is a big plus for new build properties in Northern Ireland, as they are required in to demonstrate a commitment towards the incorporation of green energy during construction. Call Strangford Fuels on 028 4461 6111.

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