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Advantages of Home Heating Oil

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There’s nothing worse than shivering with cold in your own home, while simultaneously scanning the walls of your rooms for the first sign of damp or mould. We all like to feel warm and comfortable, not to mention keeping our homes dry, but sometimes the thought of sky rocketing fuel bills is off putting. On grid electricity and gas have both risen substantially in price over the years, and continue to do so, leaving many with no option but to constantly search for the cheapest provider.

Those who live in areas like Downpatrick, Northern Ireland, have been fortunate enough to benefit from low home heating oil prices for some time now, and this doesn’t seem to be changing. This has meant that as temperatures plummet, heaters can be turned up ensuring toasty warm surroundings and big smiles. Those households that use heating oil have been able to take advantage of the attractive prices and stock up on their fuel. Not only that, the general consensus is that oil fired boilers are an extremely wise choice, as they are at least 85 – 95% efficient, and economical to run, saving you even more money.

Home heating oil fuel additives such as Exocet, improve the efficiency and performance of oil powered boilers. They also give protection against metal corrosion and degradation, keeping pipes and other important components fully functioning. Use of these additives ensures a clean, smooth running system without common issues like sludge build up.

Home heating oil is often used with renewable energy sources, and can power underfloor heating systems for an eco friendly result. Our customers find that ordering online is particularly convenient and yet another form of saving energy, as it can be done on your digital device, wherever you happen to be! We offer a range of fuels, including heating oil, red diesel and coal along with a selection of high quality multi fuel stoves.

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